IIMG_1077 am thrilled you are here poking around! If you did not catch my name in a different area of the site then I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name is mo; I am an integrative wellness educator going on 3 decades and I am super excited to share with you what I have learned over the years.

My mission- to pass on what I know to you the wellness practitioners wanting to experience the WIN-WIN-WIN wellness scenario through this website: i-we.co



WIN 1- You get to be in the wellness business the way you intended. Helping others care for themselves (themCELLves). Connecting, caring, educating, passing on the CELLf knowledge that helps clients transform making a life long difference. Eliminating the 3 Big BIG Blunders Practitioners make benefits you and your clients from the get go. It creates the platform for your sessions. No more uncomfortable closings, exchanges, nervousness of proving you are the right one for the client to return to. By eliminating the 3 Big BIG Blunders your sessions unfold naturally smoothly moving into Identify Here Process. The entire time you can let your caring self shine all the while WIN 2 is taking place-

WIN 2- Your clients benefit! They benefit from your expanded expertise. How you take what you know and are able to help them discover their ESSENTIALS, their bio-individual needs, Identify their- YES THEIR wellness path. No cookie cutter packages here! What they discover in the Identify Here process will help them attain their ultimate goals.

Plus their connection with you that naturally evolves during their initial Identify Here process is something they will have never experienced before! YOU are the one to help them. YOU are the one they will refer to- even before they attain their goals. All because of the way you work with them and their individuality.  By Identifying their HERE they know you KNOW how to help them and others. Their confidence in you, their connection with you is highly valued.

WIN 3- Your Business Blossoms. As your connections build so to will your business. Then to additionally support practitioners business i-we.co is establishing forums, FREE Resources, Practitioner Post and Product referrals, Master Groups plus the mo-well.com website where you can send your clients for supporting information on Cellf Care.

i-we will notify you each time the newest post goes up on mo-well.com so you can be the first to send your clients a link. Keeping you top of mind to them. This provides them with excellent CELLf Care information and you with a way to keep in front of your clients or possible future clients with NO Sales pitches, NO ads,  just excellent ‘thinking of you‘ ‘keeping you in the KNOWvalue packed out reach.


Visit the home page slider where there is a video introducing what my intention for i-we.co is. I hope to connect with you in a course, on social media, even in person! Thanks for checking i-we.co out. I hope you return and make use of the CELLf Care information often.

Please help us build your integrative wellness hub by letting others know about our presence. Please: Like usShare i-we.co. Join us on facebook. Tweet about i-we.co.

Introduce yourself, tell us what you do. Create a practitioner post for us to review and maybe post! Write about effective i-we tools or products that help you help clients. Visit mo-well.com. Connect, Collaborate!

The more momentum we get, the more i-we.co can offer you- translating into more you can offer your client!

PHEW! yet another WIN-WIN-WIN!

I really like that 😉

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In closing: I wholeheartedly believe our best life unfolds when we:

Live-well-  so we can  Feel-well-  to ultimately  Be-well…….lets pass that on!”


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