Today I am sharing a forum question from the i-we.co foundation education course: Finding Point A.


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The practitioner and I talked about the question and answer at her monthly practitioner session.

At the end, she told me the information we covered clarified a lot.

Her ah-ha moments motivated me to place the information she found valuable into this podcast for everyone.

This is the transcript of the podcast uploaded to: Build the Wellness Business You WANT: Episode IWPP303

When we began discussing her question I realized how many wellness professionals; especially those interested in or trained in the N. Nutrition field look to educate clients on using supplementation early on.

They see it as a logical way to help clients get going toward the wellness they want.

I know I did too. That is until I realized it was not uncovering my true bio-individual wellness picture or that of my clients by doing so early on.

I explained- first, before supplementation we want to discover if the micronutrient is in fact:

– missing, low or

– if there is a reason for increased amounts.


Here is the specific question posted:

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

Now when I saw it on the forum I did not immediately respond.

The reason I hesitated was because I was surprised about the question. Here is why:

In i-we.co Foundation Course we focus on Identifying the missing Macro nutrients that the Cell is dependent on for its:

1. Existence

2. Function and

3. S.M.I.L.E.. (Structure, Machinery, Instruction, Lotsa Energy).Cell Needs SMIE

We help clients figure out:

-which of the ESSENTIAL M.E.N. (Motion, Emotion, Nutrition) in their lives are missing.


– how they can incorporate the missing ESSENTIALS (M.E.N) into their daily lives.

The ones that will promote Self Care.

The CELL is our focus because Wellness is a by product or result of Self Care.

Self Care is = to the sum of CELLf Care.

To figure out the bio-individuals ESSENTIALS we:

1. Spend time together with them Gathering all we can over a few sessions (Intake process) and then use the

2. Identify Here Process to help point us to the M.E.N. that currently exist in their lives (positive and negative) and those missing.

3. Once the M.E.N are Identified as either missing or P. Provided

the work changes from the Gather and Identify Here process to focusing on the:

4. HOW TO of P. PROVIDING their missing ESSENTIALS. 



This is the foundation of the WELLNESS clients WANT.

Hence the name of the i-we.co foundation education course.

Self Care is the sum of CELL’f Care.

Our Wellness is dependent on how we and our clients care for our CELLs.



The question:

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

is a: Nutrition Question. It is specifically a Vitamin Question. A vitamin is a focus of Micronutrients. ;-).

Micronutrients are important. Understanding their value, if they are in excess or missing is a big part of N. Nutrition. But that exploration comes after a client has incorporated all missing ESSENTIALS the CELL is dependent on.

It is also a Organ question verses a cellular question.

Our Organs are made up of tissues made up of cells.

If the body has excellent cellular health the tissues the organ is made of may mean it functions more effectively than a liver that is suffering from lack of Self Care.

This is more of Point A to Point B Process. (Level 2 + i-we.co courses where the N. Nutrition focus is Optimized😉

I point out in the i-we.co foundation education course that first we aim to P. Provide then we aim to O. Optimize CELL’f Care after that.


So how do we answer the client’s question?

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We certainly do not need to be through a level 2+ course to answer the question or help the client.

I’d also like to point out having done the other courses would not change your answer or process anyway. It may add to the detailed examples but not the bottom line that:

There is no short cut if a client WANTS WELLNESS.

We first use the:

Gather process

Identify Here process and

Finding Point A process

to ultimately help, every single client attain the WELLNESS they WANT.


Our first goal is to see what the body status is when all the missing ESSENTIALS are provided.

Many ‘issues’ especially chronic ones can fall away as the ESSENTIALS the Cells need for their  S.M.I.L.E. Structure, Machinery, Instruction and Lotsa Energy are incorporated.

The Key in Wellness is finding the missing ESSENTIALS. Seek out versions that work for the client, their lives, their goals and implement them on regular basis.

Then after that, it is the time to discover the need for extra of a specific Nutrient such as D.


First, help the client identify if the Macronutrients and ESSENTIAL M.E.N. can provide the CELL with what it needs.

In the N. Nutrition portion of Finding Point A course we cover the ESSENTIAL Macronutrient Nutrition the CELL needs.


These Macronutrients do provide your client with the micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals).

Which Macro nutrients clients consume regularly determines the micro nutrients their body is receiving.


We all would like to jump to the add this supplement to resolve that issue. 

spoon with pills dietary supplements on vegetables background

Especially our clients. I use to hear it all the time. Oh, I thought you could just tell me what to take and how much to fix this or that.

I would explain that it ends up being ineffective answering such micronutrient questions with yes, no or maybe so; before we add MACROnutrient ESSENTIALS.

We don’t know if the supplementation is needed. Or if the Macronutrients they choose will end up supplying the micronutrient they want to know about;-).

The Nutrition data tool we use in the Module for levels of specific Macronutrients like the ESSENTIAL fats and Omega 3, 6 ratio; Complete amino acids… can help you or your client detail what the Macro nutrients are Provided to the body offer in Micronutrients if you really want to explore this more immediately.




What we want to keep in mind is that since our Self-Care is the result of our CELL’f Care we should always look to the sum of our CELL’f Care first.


To know how to answer if vitamin D supplements will build up in the liver, we have to know ‘who’ is taking the supplement.

We need to know the MACRO Nutrient status of their CELL’Care to help them explore what Vitamin D would mean to them.

Identifying the missing Motion, Emotion, Nutrition ESSENTIALS is how we do that.

It is what we do in Identify Here. It is how we improve the results a client will experience. It is the way to discovering their path to wellness or not.

What is necessary for attaining WELLNESS is the individualization.

Knowing which of the ESSENTIALS; the M.E.N. client presently provides their Cells with.


All ESSENTIALS are needed to support the CELL’s S.M.I.L.E. (Structure, Machinery, Instruction and Lotsa Energy). What they are and how they are incorporated are all dependent on the client.


This is their CELL’f Care.

To answer the question

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

we first:


Identify Here, 

Add Missing ESSENTIALS to Find clients POINT A.

It is always the initial work with each and every client. 

The foundation education work of MACRO-nutrient discovery is relevant to answering this question.


Here are examples of how I answered such questions. It also supports the value of the work they are doing in Identifying their Here and Finding Point A. with you.

Karen the businesswoman showing a board. Write your message on this board

{Client name}, of the M.E.N. your life, let’s focus today on N. Nutrition because your question stems from Nutrition.

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

My answer to you is: It depends. It depends on you the bio-individual.

It depends on the MACRO Nutrients you consume at the time of taking a supplement. For instance: Is there good fat available for this fat soluble vitamin?

It depends on the MACRO nutrients and their ratios you consume on a regular basis. For instance Vitamin K.

It depends on other supplements you are taking.

It depends on your bodies use of the vitamin D as well as the other vitamins.

It depends on where you live. It depends on the time you spend in the sun with your skin exposed to the sun without sunscreen use.

It depends on autoimmune issues of the gut which may interfere with fat absorption…..

It depends on many things.

This is why we first use the GatherIdentify Here and the Finding Point A processes.

They help narrow our focus on HOW TO P. Provide the ESSENTIALS that work for you.

Then we can place focus on how vitamin D may play a role in your wellness.

Like If Vitamin D is it already provided:

– Can you make its absorption more effective?

-What body signals lead us to believe this one vitamin should have supplementation?….


{Client name}, the question is a good example of why work to Gather what you already know about your self-care matters.


Why Identify Here is so important. How knowing which ESSENTIALS your CELL has and doesn’t have can help design your best path toward Finding your Point A.


The CELL, when it has what it needs, the ESSENTIALS to S.M.I.L.E. it often needs less supplementation. Or it can point out extras that you may benefit from.


The MACRO nutrients we are focused on; they actually provide the micronutrients you are asking about. 

Vitamin D is a Micronutrient.

Often real food ‘packages’ micronutrients in desired ratios. Not to mention other co-factors we do not know are helping.

spoon with pills dietary supplements on vegetables background

Vitamin D, in particular, can be particularly difficult to attain from foods. But you may be a big consumer if your local diet is high in particular fish, or liver pate’ or live in sun all year round. So let’s find out first where your Cell’f Care stands.

Don’t get me wrong. I use vitamin D3 supplementation. It is definitely high on the list to look at when focusing on the N. Nutrition with a client. I use supplements of vitamin D3 to support my genetic predispositions and where I live. It changes seasonally. So does my family’s amount. Each of us with our individual supplement support. Dependent on our CELL’f Care and Self-discovery.

It is important to also know sometimes ratios can be pulled out of balance by adding a single Micronutrient.

Knowing you eat foods with Vitamin D might not be enough. We want to look at how foods are prepared.

Preparation can make a difference of bio-availability or inflammation as just 2 examples.

Pairing certain macronutrients with others can enhance their bio-availability.

Then there are always factors to consider such as:

-our genetics.

– if our body knows how to disassemble and use the micronutrient.

– let’s say we are in a state of inflammation; we may need more than someone who is not inflamed. The same ‘suggested manufacturer dosage’ would mean another may be over supplemented while we would be under supplemented.

– Do you consume the specific Macronutrient: Carbohydrate vegetables that provide vitamin K1?

– Or Macronutrient Protein animal liver, for instance, fermented foods that provide K2?….

-Does your body efficiently use K?

Why understand all this?…

“There is even evidence that the safety of vitamin D is dependent on vitamin K, and that vitamin D toxicity (although very rare with the D3 form) is actually caused by vitamin K2 deficiency.1.”

So now vitamin K sounds like a good supplement especially if we are supplementing with D3!


Are there Liver Issues? Fats absorption issues? Does the person have Blood clotting issues? Bleeding Issues?….

We would not want to encourage clients with a slow use of Vitamin K to consume more, especially if on medications that Vitamin K can influence.

To better be able to explore the best answer to the question:

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

The answer is: It depends and that is why we work together through the

Intake process of Gather by Eliminating the 3 Big BIG Blunders we begin attaining the very bio-individual information that will help us answer the question being asked and that is again why

Identifying Here Process is essential when someone WANTS WELLNESS.

so we can Focus on Providing the ESSENTIALS to help you Find your Point A.

It is here when you feel you know more about your true bio-individual starting point to the WELLNESS you WANT that we can explore the education behind specific micronutrients that match with any symptoms that linger for you.

That is a part of the Point A to Point B process.

First, let’s see where your Macronutrients P. PROVIDE your CELLs with the Micronutrient Vitamin D3. 😉

It may be you decide incorporation of a basic good quality vitamin D3 is probably a good idea. That is great and we will include it when thinking through the ESSENTIALS of your CELL’f Care.

Your question is about higher amounts and toxicity. That is a different question.

It is one to visit after all your ESSENTIALS are provided to your cell. It is one that maybe checking blood levels can be helpful to use as a guide determining the need above your basic supplementation. All these factors to consider are better understood after as many ESSENTIALS as one can are incorporated into ones’ lifestyle.


There you have it that is how I answered such questions.

-once I understood the Gather, Identify Here and Finding Point A processes were the way to truly help clients work toward their goal of attaining the WELLNESS they WANTED. It was much easier for me to explain the : ‘the answer depends on your body‘.


Granted the above answer is sprinkled with education information from Level 2(+) (+ = Above the ‘Systems Focus’ Level 2).

BUT the answers still stems from first knowing the client.

Knowing that all M.E.N. Essentials are being P. Provided.

Reinforcing that for all of us who WANT WELLNESS providing the body with CELL’Care ESSENTIALS is always  FIRST.


Bridging the gap with the above-detailed examples and information that I provided meant the practitioner could walk the client through the answer at their next session in more detail.

Bringing such questions to the practitioner sessions provides you with confidence and guidance of how to help your client immediately at their next session as you continue to learn more and more about ways to use your expertise. In this case using Nutrition expertise more effectively with clients.


So the answer to the question:

“Does taking a vitamin D supplement carry a risk of too much vitamin D build up in the liver.”

is dependent on the bio-individual you are being asked by.

You are in the position to offer an educated answer explaining why that is.

The actual need of supplementation or amount is figured out after the initial focus on P. providing the ESSENTIALS the CELLS need.

Because often when our bodies receive the ESSENTIALS supplementation is eliminated or reduced. Not to mention the body is most likely better able to use supplementation.

After the initial focus of finding and P. Providing the missing ESSENTIALS.

Then we can move to the O. in P.O.P. The Optimize with Micro Nutrients like Vitamins 😉

(Having your client read the transcripts of the WANT WELLNESS: CELL’f Care- one focus presentation I gave for decades is a very efficient way for them to be introduced to Self Care and help them quickly understand how your work to help them move to the WELLNESS they WANT is the best way to approach attaining the WELLNESS they WANT. It is in Kindle and soft cover formats). Copy and Paste this LINK to send them:   WANT WELLNESS transcript LINK

Sound good! I hope this helps you see even more clearly the value of incorporating Self Care discovery processes of Gather, Identify Here, and Finding Point A in your Wellness Businesses. Until next time remember I believe in you whole – heartedly! You’ve got this!

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January 1, 2017

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